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Emeralds. The Research of a Passionate Connoisseur

A unique publishing project by CLUEV Haute Joaillerie. The book covers almost every topic related to the matter in hand, such as history, geology, color classification, cut, last, but not least, the people whose lives and fortunes are revolving around these magnificent gemstones.


Silver age

Is there anything more beautiful than the Russian poetry? The turn of the 20th century became a very dramatic period of time in Russia, and it was reflected in the poetry. Great poems were written, that touch the strings of our heart, raising in our mind the most complex issues of all times. Silver age. Jewellery poetry truly is the most beautiful of previous CLUEV collections, as it holds for the first time an array of rare gems of such quality and size.



The collection of the year 2012, is dedicated to the great Russian cultural heritage – the Russian ballet and its legendary ballet dancers of different times from Kshesinskaya to Vishneva.