cluev boutique

phone. (495) 229 8331

«Ukraina» Hotel is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Moscow – yet another place where you can get acquainted with CLUEV jewellery collections.

crocus city mall

phone. 8 (495) 223 42 03

Haute Joaillerie

CLUEV Haute Joaillerie – the flagship boutique, opened on New Year’s eve, 2015. Exclusive jewellery collections and bespoke client service.

phone. 8 (495) 727 25 34

Luxury House

CLUEV Luxury House – one-of-a-kind interior project featuring objects d’art made of stone, crystal, signature collections of silver tableware – in the best traditions of European aristocratic houses.

cluev boutique

phone. (495) 941 8204

This is the first boutique opened by CLUEV.
Over the years, the brand expanded and opened several additional boutiques there -
CLUEV Silver, CLUEV Art, CLUEV Jewellery House, CLUEV Interior.